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SustainShare's digital social forum is...




Hi there! Welcome to Sustainshare’s beta page.

Why could we be interesting for you?
Sustainshare's goal is to enhance thoughts and behaviour that ensures sustainable action. We rely on UN’s definition of sustainability. So if you endorse this sort of goal - please connect with us below. 

At the moment we are working on creating a social media platform for you and anyone that has an interest in sustainability. It is our mission to make sustainability accessible, inspirational and easy for you.  

On the Sustainshare platform you will get inspiration from the latest research from think tanks, universities and practitioners with in the world of sustainability, you will be able to collect and organize sustainable tips, news and events on your private page, you can keep in touch with people that are interested in sustainability from all over the world and last but not least you'll be able to buy tickets to any kind of seminar, festivals, summits, talks, guided tours etc. in your neighborhood or where you'll find yourself in the world. 

Also we won't sell your data. The platform is a sustainable tool for you to be a part of co-creating a safe, clean and abundant planet. 

We are exited to have you here - so please sign up, if this is of interest to you. 

We are inspired by the formation that people get from Scandinavian Folk High Schools. This type of teaching, social connectedness and fun which you can also experience at a great party, is what we want you to experience in a SoMe context. Always focusing on high quality, Nordic Design, co-creation, sobriety, integrity, openness and respect for evidence. 

Thanks for submitting!

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